My entry for today is about my mom who I frequent call Ummi which means mom, mother, mommy and etc.  Ummi is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I couldn't live my life without my mom. My mom means a lot to me and she is my idol, my role model and my everything. As a son, I respect my mom but as a man I salute her because of her ability in almost everything that she does. You will never have someone else who is greater than your own mom. Everyday I try my best to make my mom happy and proud to have a son like me. I know I may not be the best son in the world but the least I can do for her is to be a good and an obedience son.

In a country, there will be a president or a prime minister. In a town or a city, there will be a mayor but in a house or a family, there will be a prime. A prime of the family, the backbone of the family, the ace of the family, and she whom I call mom. You are my prime. The most important human being in the family. My mom is my optimus prime and that explains the post tittle. My mom have primed me all this while and this is the time where I should pay back all the prime that is given to me before. Thanks mom. sob. sob. sob….

Hear What Isn't Being Said



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